Groovy Garden Rooms - Rewards Scheme

How The Rewards Scheme Works

You can make some very good money by simply telling people about our award-winning Groovy Garden Rooms produced by our multi-award-winning company. 

Firstly, you register with us (click on the buttons below) and we'll send you our Groovy Garden Rooms Rewards Scheme Agreement. Very simply, this is a legal agreement between you and us that confirms that you will market our products and that we will pay you a sales commission fee for each successful recommendation & referral to a new customer.

Secondly, once you've signed the Agreement, you can get cracking with the marketing. And, to help you market our Groovy Garden Rooms successfully, we give you all the written, photographic and video content you need - from updated product videos to special offers and more - on your Affiliate Toolkit page.

Great - Count me in!

Earn £0000s

Thirdly, as you start recommending our products to the right audience, you add their names (and details) to your Affiliate Referral List. This means that when they invest in one of our Groovy Garden Rooms we cross-check your name with the new customer to confirm your recommendation & referral. And then you get paid!

And...for every Groovy Garden Room that a customer invests in, that came from your recommendation & referral, you get paid a commission of 3% of the cost of their Groovy Garden Room (see the amounts below) for every sale, on a sliding scale, based on size (once the customer has paid in full...which happens before we finish installing it, by the way).

So, for starters, all it may take from you is an email, a text message or a social media comment!

Your Rewards Scheme Payments

Your Rewards Scheme Payments - HEROIC Style
Your Rewards Scheme Payments - HAPPY Style

Why Groovy Garden Rooms

(Residential & Commercial)

Our award-winning and beautifully bespoke, truly zero maintenance, portable, fully turnkey, multi-use, modular garden rooms with a 30 year guarantee (the longest in the UK due to our unique design), along with the simplest, most open and honest pricing.

Our award-winning company's garden rooms are made so, as a residential customer, you can use them all year round as your own home garden office, gym, lounge & spare bedroom...and, as a commercial customer, as an equally compliant office and multi-use work room.

Why Your Referrals Will Be So Attractive

There are two simple reasons why your recommendations & referrals to potential Groovy Garden Room customers will stand out:

Firstly, because our multi-award-winning business' award-winning products truly are in a league of their own in terms of quality and value. And, secondly, when applicable, your ability to offer them enticing coupon offers.

So, from the viewpoint of those you refer our products to, you're offering them even more value than they'd be getting if they came across our products without your referral. And this gives you a big advantage.