Our Mission

Our mission is to design, manufacture and innovative and quality timber and timber related products that make various aspects of your life at home and in your business much easier, more effective and more enjoyable. Products that are now award-winning.

Not only that, but we aim to make sure our products are cleverly designed and made to be strong and durable, aesthetically pleasing, long lasting and the most effective solution for the use they’re designed for.

And, just as importantly, to make sure that our existing and potential customers are treated with warmth, honesty, respect, humour and dedication.

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Our Values

1. Courage: Having the courage to design and manufacture products that are different and that may challenge the industry norms so they are better made, better looking and more useful than our other products in the marketplace. Also to have the courage to admit to those we deal with, as well as ourselves, when we get things wrong - no matter how small - so we can always improve our products and how we design and deliver them.

2. Honesty: Being honest in everything we do, from giving customers the information they need, no matter how challenging it may be, to the things we say and the words we write to justly earn their trust, respect and affection.

3. Humour: We want everyone we deal with, from potential and existing customers to suppliers and colleagues, to enjoy the appropriate humour we use in the way we speak and write, both in-person and online. This is because we strongly believe that business should be fun as well as fruitful.

Our Vision

To design and manufacture future proof products, for homes and businesses around the world, that are as environmentally friendly and sustainable as they are aesthetically pleasing and that provide long-term practical everyday value to the customers who use them.

And we want our customers and others we deal with to feel part of a community-cum-movement of those who share and benefit from our Vision.

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Our Team

Our main product is our award-winning Groovy Garden Room range. These are zero maintenance, portable, multi-use garden rooms (that can be used as a garden office, gym, lounge & bedroom).

Although this is a new product for us (which we've already started installing), the business we've partnered with is a highly experienced, talented and respected one. As well as doing work for private consumers, they also do work for the NHS, Lloyds Banking Group, NPower and more.

This family run construction firm has been in business since 1969. And, to give you peace of mind, they're also affiliated with and accountable to all the main trade bodies.

Why We Started

The multiple award-winning Groovy Timber® was started because the company’s Founder Seán and some of his friends had a series of frustrating personal experiences with log stores, of all things.

While putting a desire for world peace, unhindered happiness and universal banter on hold, he decided to do something about this issue.

Some outdoor wood stores were badly constructed, some were made from cheap and untreated timber and some were ineffectively designed - or a combination of some or even all of these. And quite a few of these tended to sway, sag and even collapse.

Dilapidated old shed in wood
Image of 1914-1918 World War One with barbed wire and poppies entwined in the dates

World War 1 Veteran

So, using some lightly remembered carpentry skills taught to him when he was 8 years old by a British former soldier who'd fought on the Western Front in The Great War, he got to work.

And this is when Seán created and perfected the patented and award-winning Firewood Feeder®, arguably the world's best outdoor home wood store.

WFH Movement

Then, after finding a great manufacturer to produce our Firewood Feeder® products, we responded to the need for equally great garden rooms, especially with the growing WFH (Working From Home) movement.

And this is when Seán came up with the idea of designing and producing our award-winning zero maintenance, portable, durable, multi-use Groovy Garden Rooms that can be used 365 days a year as a garden office, garden gym, garden lounge and spare garden bedroom.

Woman in zero maintenance, portable, premium quality but affordable, durable, multi-use Groovy Garden Rooms that can be used all year round as a garden office, a garden lounge, a garden gym, a garden spare bedroom and more…

Awards & Award Nominations

Best Enterprising Business Award - WINNER

SME Awards

Business & Product Innovation Award - WINNER

Federation of Small Businesses Awards

Construction and Building Services StartUp of the Year Award - FINALIST

StartUp Awards