Groovy Garden Rooms - Key Benefits

✓ Increased value of your home & huge cost saving on an equivalent home extension

A single storey extension can cost you from about £2,000 per m² and even a conservatory can cost you from about £1,200 per m²...

Whereas, for the same look and feel, our award-winning Groovy Garden Rooms cost you from £665 per m².

And...a quality garden room can also increase the value of your home by 8%-10%, according to some property experts. So, what's not to like!

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✓ Zero commuting costs & stress

It costs the average UK worker commuting by car about £5,000 per year and the those commuting by train about £2,500 per year, with the average commute duration in the UK being 62 minutes per day...

Whereas, with your own garden office, your commuting costs are £0 and your commuting time is probably less than 30 seconds!

✓ Improved psychological health

Commuting is stressful and often unproductive; working from inside your home with other people there can be stressful as well as distracting and often less productive; and not being able to separate your work from your home life can also be stressful...

Whereas having a physically and therefore psychologically separate space for working, keeping fit, chilling out and even sleeping, is certainly psychologically as well as practically beneficial and life enhancing.

Woman in zero maintenance, portable, premium quality but affordable, durable, multi-use Groovy Garden Rooms that can be used all year round as a garden office, a garden lounge, a garden gym, a garden spare bedroom and more…
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