Firewood Feeder® - Affiliates

Make Money As An Affiliate

You can make some good money by simply telling people about our products.

The way it works is that, when you register as a Groovy Timber® Affiliate, you receive a unique weblink for each of our products which you then share with others. It also costs you nothing to become one.

And, when someone buys that particular product, it means we know it's you that created the sale. And we pay you an affiliate payment for it!

Why Your Offer Will Be More Attractive

There are two simple reasons why your unique URL linking potential Groovy Timber® customers to our products will stand out: Firstly, is that out product is truly in a league of its own in terms of quality and value. And, secondly, your ability, when applicable, to offer them enticing coupon offers.

So, from your potential customers' point of view, you're offering them even more value than they'd be getting if they came across our products via the normal means. And this gives you a big advantage!

Firewood Feeder® - Affiliate Products

At present, we're offering our Firewood Feeder® products for affiliates like you.

Why? It's simple. You'll make more money!

In this case, for every customer who invests in a Firewood Feeder® product that's come from your unique URL, you get paid £50 (once the customer has paid). This is as much as our margins can allow.

But it's still £50 each time - just for referring the product without having to hold stock. It's as simple as providing a link on your website, in your emails or in a phone calls.