Firewood Feeder® - FAQ


Take our unique and originally designed Firewood Feeder®. This patented product makes sure you can easily and automatically access the oldest and most seasoned wood which then burns the most efficiently, glowingly and safely.

Not only that, it can store a lot of wood while outside, making sure it’s protected from the elements while also allowing the wood to breathe to help the natural seasoning process further.

The other log stores out there – and don’t get us wrong: some look nice and some are also well made – are designed so you pile the newest logs on top of the older logs.

And what do you do when you go to these log stores to fetch the wood for your fire?

You take and then use the ones from the top of the pile in those log stores and not the oldest and more seasoned logs which are still at the bottom!

Not surprisingly, we think this is the wrong way around. Hence why we’ve designed the Firewood Feeder® the way we have – for your benefit!

This is why Groovy Timber’s® mission is to design, manufacture and sell innovative and quality timber products that make various aspects of your life at your home much easier, more effective and more enjoyable.

Not only that, but our products are designed and made to be strong, cleverly designed, aesthetically pleasing, long lasting and the most effective solution for the use they’re designed for.

Our Firewood Feeder® arrives at your chosen address flat packed in 5 constituent parts (including all the necessary screws & spacers) that are easy for one person to put together. And, shortly before you take delivery, you're emailed with an easy to follow and easy to put together 8-step assembly plan.

And the Firewood Feeder® is produced this way for three reasons...

1. It makes it easier to deliver to you in flat pack form as opposed to being fully assembled. If it came fully assembled then, depending on where you want it placed, a shipping & delivery courier may not be able to place it exactly where you want it. And, as it's heavy, a fully assembled version would be a struggle to try to shunt to the right place. This is especially true if the courier couldn't drop it off at the exact spot where you wanted it.

2. It makes it easier for you to take each of the constituent parts to the exact location where you want it to stand so you can put it together there...and do so very easily.

3. The Firewood Feeder® is designed to make it easy for just one person to put it together - although two of you makes it even easier! Also, if you subsequently decide to move it to a new location at your address or even to a new address entirely, then you can easily take it apart, transport it to your new location/address and reassemble it. Bish Bash Bosh!

Good question! We try to include very low and minimal shipping & delivery rates for as many of our customers as possible. 

So, if you live on the mainland of your country, then the chances are that you can enjoy a minimal blink-and-you-miss-it shipping & delivery price!

And even if you live in some remote or hard to get to part of your country you'll still get a special and much reduced shipping & delivery rate...because we want to make investing in our products even more cost effective for you. And this is despite the great and life enhancing value our products offer you!

So...what's not to like!

Good question! Obviously, this depends on the size of the logs.

So, based on our research using data from sawdust covered boffins who like calculating these sort of things, we estimate that..

The HUNKY sized Firewood Feeder®, that has a capacity of about 1.5 cubic metres, can hold about 450 logs of mixed sizes (see below).

And the planned HEROIC sized Firewood Feeder®, that has a capacity of about 3 cubic metres, is going to be able to hold about 850 logs of mixed sizes (see below).

So, how many logs make up a cubic metre?

Again, those sawdust covered boffins have the answers...

Small Logs (6" or less) = 400 logs per cubic metre approx.

Standard Logs (8"-10") = 300 logs per cubic metre approx.

Large Logs (12-14") = 200 logs per cubic metre approx.

Also, bear in mind that if you use a wood burning stove a few evenings a week over the winter, you’ll need to order about 1.5 cubic metres.

If you use your wood burning stove most evenings, you’ll probably need 3 cubic metres.

And if you use your wood burning stove all of the time, day and evening, then maybe you’ll need about 5-6 cubic metres or even more.

But, if you have an open fire you’ll need to factor in using about three times the amount of firewood you’ll use in a wood burning stove to get the same amount of heat.

How Much Do The Logs Weigh?

Hardwoods and softwoods have almost identical calorific value for a given moisture content and weight.

The difference to note is weight, say the sawdust covered boffins. And the average densities are as follows:

UK hardwoods are about 700kg per solid cubic metre.

UK softwoods are about 500kg per solid cubic metre.

This means that you need about 1.35 cubic metres of softwood to be the equivalent of 1.0 cubic metres of hardwood.

Put another way...

Say you use hardwood to fill up our Firewood Feeder® log stores, you need:

HUNKY size: 1050kg of wood (1.5 cubic metres capacity)

HEROIC size: 2100kg of wood (3 cubic metres capacity) 

If you have any wood that's already seasoned, then great! That's a bonus. But that's if it is GENUINELY seasoned. 

Although the law in the UK changed in February 2021, banning the sale of wet wood, alas there will still be some people who sell wood that’s still not – ahem – as dry as it needs to be or they claim it is! And it’s going to be hard to police.

Presently, about 2.5 million tons of logs are sold in the UK each year, of which 90% is wet wood. And wood is considered wet if it has a moisture content of more than 20%-25%

But, even if you have seasoned wood, you want to make sure it's always protected from the elements. Because what a waste it would be if you bought some wood, seasoned or otherwise, that then got very wet because it was stored in an open faced log store?

And this is why our Firewood Feeders® prevent this from happening because they protect the wood on all sides, as well as help it season properly.

Generally we say it should take from 7-10 days for you to receive your purchase. Now, sometimes it's much quicker...and we love that as much as you do!

But, if there's a major ongoing issue affecting the country or the region or even the world (e.g. a global pandemic), then this can mean your purchase could potentially take 2-3 weeks to arrive because of matters beyond our control. But, that said, we're always striving to not only make great products for you...we also aim to get them to you as soon as we can.

Whatever happens, we will always keep you updated by email and, if need be, by phone. And if you want any clarification then please contact us as we're always happy to hear from you.

Our products are packaged to protect them during transit, and delivered to you on either in one consignment of the 5 consitutent parts or as one package secured on a wooden pallet or two wooden support rails that a nice delivery person in a delivery vehicle will bring to your address.

So, for all the details you need please check out our Delivery Guide

Our Firewood Feeder® outdoor wood stores are not just any wood store. In fact, they're not like any of the other log stores out there. They're much, much better and more effective! And this isn't just PR puff. The design is the key, compared to other outdoor log stores, the Firewood Feeder™ is THE best way to store, season and then get access to the best logs for your fire every time.

By comparison, other outdoor log stores are a very simple design…whereas ours involve a much more complex design, especially internally, with our cunning structure to make sure you always get the oldest and most seasoned wood first.

Added to this is the fact that they're very well made, with FSC approved pressure treated wood et al, and will last you many years - unless, of course, you use our log store for target practice with military ordinance or use it for some other madcap pursuit!

All this is done for your benefit…to make your wood storing the best it can be. And therefore it involves a lot of engineering, crafting, building and, of course, lots of great quality wood!

In fact, we could charge more. But we don't as we want to give you value beyond the price you pay.

You see, it's more than just about quality - it’s also about top end practicality.

And these are the reasons why we charge the prices we do.

We certainly do have a guarantee for you! 

We want you to buy with peace of mind and be delighted with your purchase.


If you decide that, for whatever reason, our product just isn’t your cup of tea, then you can return it to us within a certain timeframe and subject to understandable conditions.

Please check out our Returns & Refunds policy for all the information you need.

Pressure treated wood involves is a process that forces a preservative deep into the wood. Another term you’ll hear about is wood that is tanalised. The two terms are describing exactly the same timber treatment. But the benefits of this process are significant as it can make the wood last anything from 15 to, some say, 40 years.

At any rate, we use this wood because it means our products last a LOT longer than if they weren’t pressured treated or tanalised.

Alas, there are too many products out there where the wood hasn’t been treated. And this means that the once lovely new timber item you’ve bought will soon start to decay and sway and sag and then, even, fall apart. Whereas ours are built to last – unless you use them for target practice of some kind!

Firstly, when burned, damp wood produces more smoke than dry logs. This includes tiny particulates known as PM2.5 that are more harmful than bigger flakes of soot because they can penetrate deep into the respiratory system and bloodstream. UK government figures show wet wood (and coal) is responsible for 38% of PM2.5 pollution in the UK – three times as much as road transport.

Secondly, burning damp logs produces a heavy smoke that condenses onto the cooler sides of your flue or chimney, producing tar and acidic residues which cause thick deposits to build up. This is a major cause of chimney fires and these compounds also cause damage to the stove and flue.

Thirdly, and on top of all this, there's then the additional and otherwise avoidable costs of redecorating your home following any damage done due to burning wood that's not seasoned enough.

Good Wood: Wood that burns well includes: Apple, ash, birch, hawthorn, holly, oak, pear and sycamore. They give you a hotter and longer burn time and also have the least pitch and sap and are generally cleaner to handle. 

Bad Wood: Wood that doesn't burn well includes: Douglas fir, chessnut, elder, larch, pine, poplar, spruce, walnut and willow. Although they vary, they tend to produce more smoke than flame or spark as well as leave more soot residue clogging up your log stove and chimney.

Seasoned wood generally has darkened ends with cracks or splits visible, is relatively lightweight, and makes a clear "clunk" sound when two pieces are beaten together.

Green wood is very heavy, has fresher-looking ends, and tends to make a dull "thud" when struck.

We like to use responsibly sourced wood. So any wood that is approved by The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is your assurance that it’s made with, or contains, wood that comes from FSC certified forests or from post-consumer waste.

In other words, it’s wood that’s sourced from responsibly managed forests. No irresponsible sawing or environmentally harmful hacking down of perfectly lovely trees in bucolic settings, scarring the otherwise lovely landscape. Not our thing…and we’re sure it's not yours either

Yes of course we can...and will happily do so for you. Simply email or call us and let us know what you're looking for…and we'll make it happen for you!