Groovy Garden Rooms - Site Survey

Undertaking a detailed Site Survey is a CRUCIAL part of the whole process...because it's vital to discover everything we can for you about the location of your planned garden room.

Not doing this could undermine the integrity of your garden room.

Our assessment includes...

  Checking the ground and soil type...and how far down we need to go to hit hard ground for the foundations (whether ground screws or concrete pile foundations)

Checking for any concealed cables, pipes and tree roots

Checking the access points so we can work out how we get your garden room parts (we make them in modular form) and equipment through to your garden room location

Checking the parking situation for our vehicles

Taking all the many measurements for your the above as well as for your garden room


Using stakes, sticks and rope or string, lay out the area you want for your award-winning Garden Room. So, when we come to see you on site, we can discuss the various options you have about your location.

You can also check your planned measurements against our Garden Room Size Chart to see which of the numerous sizes we offer best fits your measurements.

Tape measure on architect's drawing with pencil
Dog with its head in the ground which it has dug up
Ground Type & Condition

If you already have a strong and stable solid base (i.e. concrete) in place, then we'll assess it for you to make sure it can take your garden room.

If you only have grass or earth or even a mixture of these two and part of a concrete base, then we'll do various tests to discover what sort of soil you have (there are 6 types in the UK) and assess how far down we need to go to hit hard ground. This enables us to calculate the foundation depths and type.

We also check for concealed pipes, cables and tree roots.

Site Access

We will also be able to assess how our Design & Build Team is able to get the pre-made panels, equipment and other parts to the location where you want your Groovy Garden Room installed.

Old large wrought iron gate under stone archway
Yellow Parking Area marking on road

With your help we can also understand the parking arrangements.

As you can imagine, there will be a lot of materials and equipment being lugged to your garden room location. And the closer we can park to this the better it will be for our Design & Build Team.

Assessment Report

We put together an assessment report folder so we have all the information we need from our survey.

We deploy a host of useful tools, from two tape measures and a foldable military style shovel to a line & pins and a line level.

And, with your permission, we also take photos and videos, take copious notes and draw diagrams of the area with measurements and other information.

In short, the Site Survey tells both you and we exactly what we need to know.

Yellow builder's hat on architect's drawings with compass