Firewood Feeder® - Log Capacity

What Is The Firewood Feeder's® Log Capacity?

Obviously, this depends on the size of the logs. But our sawdust covered boffins estimate that the HUNKY sized Firewood Feeder®, that has a capacity of about 1.65 cubic metres, can hold about 400 logs of mixed sizes (see the table below).

Whereas the smaller HAPPY sized Firewood Feeder® has a 0.50 cubic metre capacity (approx) and can hold about 140 logs of mixed sizes (see the table below).

Pile of shopped wood
Axe embedded in log amidst pile of chopped wood

How many logs make up a cubic metre?

Small Logs (6" or less) = 400 logs per cubic metre approx

Standard Logs (8"-10") = 300 logs per cubic metre approx

Large Logs (12-14") = 200 logs per cubic metre approx

How many logs do you need?

For wood burning stoves over the winter you'll need about...

A few evenings a week: 1.5 cubic metres.

Most evenings: 3 cubic metres.

Every day & night: 6 cubic metres or even more.

For open fires over the winter you'll need about...

Three times the amount of firewood you’ll use in a wood burning stove to get the same amount of heat.

Wood being burned in log burning stove