Groovy Garden Rooms - Preparing For Your Installation

Person in blue jeans and wellies standing on spade in the grassy ground

Ground Preparation

If applicable or unless you're paying us to, please make sure the ground on which your garden room is being installed is properly clear of any trees, shrubs, roots and rubble above and below ground...and is also properly level with the ground around it.

Removing trees, shrubs, roots and rubble can easily leave the ground sunken. In which case, it needs to be backfilled with hardcore to level it so it won't sink.

If you have a concrete base in place, please make sure that it's truly strong, solid and stable. But if there's any wonkiness or weakness then it must be broken up and removed. You must have this ratified by a local building professional - for both you and us.

And all this needs to be completed before we come to install your garden room.

Correct Electricity Source

To get electricity safely to your garden room you need to have the following (see the image below) fitted:

An external waterproof 16A CEE flush mounted socket IP44 box with integrated lockable switch (fitted at a suitable point on an external wall as near as possible to where your garden room is going to be).

We supply everything else.

So what we do is put another one of these commando wall sockets at a suitable point on the external wall of your garden room. We then also fix two commando plugs at either end of a steel wire armoured cable (up to about 25 metres).

This means one commando plug can be connected to the commando wall socket fixed on an external wall of your award-winning Groovy Garden Room while the other commando plug is connected to the commando wall socket you have installed on a suitable external wall at your home or work location.

Blue building and yellow crane models on architect's drawings

Planning Permission

Under the government's Permitted Development planning rules, it's highly unlikely that you will need planning permission for your garden room - in the vast majority of cases.

But, we encourage you to check - just in case. In a few scenarios, some local authorities may have chosen to also factor in certain planning considerations.

So, we've put together this guide on planning rules to help you.

And, if you discover that you're one of those few who do need a form of planning permission, then we will help you as much as we can with that process.

Ultimately, it's your responsibility to check by contacting your Local Planning Authority (LPA). And you can find yours by clicking on the button below...

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Site Survey

Undertaking a detailed Site Survey & Report is a CRUCIAL part of the whole process...because it's vital to discover everything we can for you about the location of your planned garden room.

Not doing this could undermine the integrity of your garden room.

In short, the Site Survey involves assessing key information, from the ground type & condition and checking for hidden pipes, cables & tree roots to the location & measurements of access points and the parking options (for our vehicles).

Discover how it works and what's involved by clicking on the button below...

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