Groovy Garden Rooms - How To Make One Yourself

Build Your Own Garden Room?

Garden rooms are great. You get that. And we get that too, especially for how they enhance your life financially, practically and psychologically and more.

But we understand that garden rooms, especially top quality bespoke ones like ours, that last you for many years and that still look as good as when you bought them, are quite a large financial investment - even though we're not the most expensive!

So, if you want to save yourself some money, why don't you build your own award-winning Groovy Garden Room. It's quite simple, really.

Have You Done 40 Years Of This?

Firstly, you spend 5-7 months perfecting your design plans so you produce a product that's so well designed & built that not only can it last 30 years, but is also zero maintenance, portable and can be used as a garden office, gym, lounge, studio and bedroom.

To be able to this properly, all you have to do is to have spent 40+ years in the building & construction trade where you truly learn about what works and what does not work when it comes to buildings of any type.

Your Large European Supplier Network

Then, with the 40+ years of experience (and this is for just one of Groovy Timber's Design & Build Team), you contact some of the 27 different suppliers you've got to know and trust over those years to negotiate the best trade prices for the various elements you need.

And if they're unable to give you the right product for the right trade price in the right timeframe, you know what other suppliers to go to and if their prices and delivery schedules are good enough.

We're sure you know where to source the products that make your Groovy Garden Room what it is.

These include the FSC approved pressure-treated timber from Ukraine and the plastic coated galvanised steel external cladding from Belgium to the top quality double glazed window & door glass from France and the top notch uPVC doors & window frames from Germany.

Load Bearing Metrics For 1.5-4.0 Tons Are Easy For You To Calculate

Of course, when it comes to building your own Groovy Garden Room, you'll know about potential issues like "racking" so the door to your garden room doesn't get jammed or puts excess pressure on the structure of the frontage.

And we're sure that working out the pressure per square metre load bearing metrics is a cinch, meaning you build the right foundation frame structure so the floor of your garden room doesn't buckle or even collapse when people walk, jump and even cavort on it, especially if they use it as a garden gym (for cavorting or other vigorous pursuits).

Knowing Soil Types & Your Site Survey Skills

And, when you're on site, knowing about the different soil types there are in the UK and what types of foundations work best to support your Groovy Garden Room, depending on the ground type and condition, is probably second nature to you.

And you will of course have and know how to use your line & pins, line level, lump hammer and a 1 metre metal pole.

And any of those pesky hidden tree roots, cables and pipes will be no match for your site survey skills…as you know it's crucial to understand all this before any foundations are laid. Because how frustrating would an unstable and off-kilter garden room be!

How Big Is Your Factory?

But, before you get on site, isn't great to have your own 2,500 square metre factory where you can build some key elements of the garden room structure off site so, from your customer's point of view, you install their Groovy Garden Room much more quickly when on site.

This not only reduces the time you spend on site (from the customers' point of view) but it also helps you make sure the modular structure is easy to transport and squeeze through sometimes the narrowest of gaps to get to your garden room location.

Bearing in mind you already have the necessary 2-3 vehicles needed to transport all your constituent parts to anywhere in the UK to install your Groovy Garden Room that, when completed, weighs between 1.5-4.0 tons.

You're Happy Working These Hours & Days

And, on site, isn't it great to have 2-3 other highly qualified, experienced and adaptable colleagues, who you trust, who have the necessary physical strength, skill and endurance to work 8-10 hour days over a period of 6-10 days to make sure your installation is done to the very high standards you want and expect.

As long as you know which of the many roof, ceiling, wall and floor panels go where...and what to do if there's anything missing or doesn't fit, for whatever reason.

And, if you're not a qualified electrician, you have of course already arranged for one to wire up the whole garden room to safe standards in your factory before your garden room goes out to the customer's site. And then all your light and other power fittings work seamlessly. Even then, you have even more to factor in.

And There's More...

Because when you think you've finished, and we're sure you're feel very tired due to the huge physical and mental focus you've given to installing your Groovy Garden Room to the very highest standards, especially as you have your guarantees to uphold, you won't miss any of the small potential "snagging" matters, meaning you have to go back again to put them right.

But, if you don’t want to wait that long to gain the decades worth of invaluable skills and experience as well as spend tens of thousands of pounds on the non-trade costs of materials, as well as the machinery & tools, the workforce, factory premises, vehicles and more; and you haven’t had the many, many years to develop a network of great quality suppliers; simply ask us to save you all the hassle and pain so we design, build and install a Groovy Garden Room for you.