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This Affiliates Toolkit page gives you all the content you need to help you recommend & refer our award-winning Groovy Garden Rooms to people you meet and/or hear about who can and will benefit from investing in one of our you can then get paid for your successful recommendations & referrals.

And please keep an eye out for any new Special Offers, Coupons and content updates. Thanks and good luck!

3D Design Tool

Potential customers can use our brilliant 3D Design Tool to design their Groovy Garden Roomx exactly how you want it.

The tool also shows them the all-inclusive prices as they're doing it. They can then save their designs and have the drawings and details emailed to clicking on this link.

Special Offer for Groovy Garden Rooms

Current Special Offer

Nothing on at the moment. But, when there is, we'll share it here...

And, when there is a Special Offer available, you get paid the Special Offer amount (see the details further down on this page).

So, please click the link to check out the latest Special Offer page...

Latest Special Offer

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Sorry, but this Special Offer has now expired. Please keep an eye out for the next one. Thanks.

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Photos & Videos Downloads

The green button contains a link to where all the photos and videos you need to be an Affiliate are stores. They're stored in two folders...

  1. Affiliates - Photos
  2. Affiliates - Videos

They will be updated from time to time to help you further. From this secure online cloud folder, you can download them to use in your marketing.

Now, just press the button below to access it. And please save the link!

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