Groovy Garden Rooms - Standard Specification

Specification & Sizing

Our award-winning Groovy Garden Rooms come with a lot of great spec as standard for 365 day a year use as a garden office, gym, lounge & spare bedroom. And we're not just saying that! See for yourself on this page (and here).

And, of course, our garden rooms are zero maintenance; portable; saving you the time and money of building another garden room; highly durable; multi-use; and come with up to a 30 year guarantee on the external cladding.

Standard Specification Includes...

✓  Foundations: We use concrete pile foundations. Depending on the size and use of the room, they are 40cm-100cm (D) x 40cm-100cm (W). These are much more environmentally friendly and use much less concrete than in a large concrete bed foundation. Heavy load-bearing 75mm high padstones of 40cm x 40cm are then placed on top of these and the floor frame is placed on top of this super strong and sturdy structure.

✓  Flooring (Base): FSC approved pressure-treated timber joists 100mm x 50mm joists spans no more than 1.2 metres, bound on ends with double trimmers bolted in place, noggins at centre span and sheet joints, insulated between joists with 80mm foil bound expanded polyurethane insulation, clad with 18mm OSB fixed with 50mm screws.

✓  Flooring (Internal): Non-slip vinyl flooring

Standard Specification Includes...

✓  Roof cladding: Waterproof and highly durable plastic coated galvanised steel box style (for greater strength) top sheet. This has high thermal performance, environmentally sustainable polyisocyanurate (PIR) 80mm foam insulation glued to the underside. The insulation has Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) fire safety accreditation and that's production facility ISO 14001 certified (assessed and audited to British standards). The integrated underside of this is (eggshell) white uPVC fireproof external cladding. And the eves and fascias match your chosen plastic coated galvanised steel colour. Roof overhang (Heroic style): The underside is 5mm of white uPVC fireproof external cladding. 

✓  Ceiling: The integrated underside of the roof sections are (eggshell) white uPVC fireproof external cladding.

Standard Specification Includes...

✓  Walls (exterior): Plastic coated galvanised steel (choice of colours) on top of 11mm OSB on top of FSC approved 100mm x 50mm treated timber carcass. This is filled with 80mm Kingspan (or similar) expanded polyurethane insulation and clad externally with 12mm marine plywood for 365 day a year use. Exterior heights: 2.50m (front) & 2.45m (eaves/back)

✓  Walls (interior): 90mm x 45mm C16 timber stud partition panels with studs placed at 400mm centres. Panels filled with 80mm foiled expanded polyurethane foam insulation. Internally clad with 12.5mm plasterboard fixed with bugle head screws and skimmed with thistle skim.

Internal height (floor to ceiling): up to 2.35m

Each wall has a nominal thickness of 133mm. So, subtract this figure from your desired external dimensions to give you your internal dimensions.

Standard Specification Includes...

✓  Frontage (doors): Lockable & secure double glazed uPVC door (2.1 metres high) with 4mm toughened glass. You choose whether you have a single, double or sliding door and whether it's placed on the right, the left or in the centre.

✓  Frontage (glass panels): You get full height (2.1 metres) floor to ceiling double glazed uPVC glass panels, with 4mm toughened glass, to fill the space between the door and the corner panels. Or it can be infilled as a solid space. Again, it's your call.

✓  Frontage (lighting): 2 x exterior PIR sensor lights on the front.

Standard Specification Includes...

✓  Heating: Electric programmable wall panel heater 2kw

✓  Downpipe & Guttering: 1 x rear black plastic gutter (covered by the roof end fascia) leading to 1 x rear black plastic downpipe

✓  Lighting (internal): 1 x light bar with up to 8 adjustable GU10 LED lights + 1 light switch

✓  Electrics: 1 x (internal) consumer unit with 4 ways; 1 x external waterproof 16A CEE flush mounted socket IP44 box with integrated lockable switch (we supply up to 25m of steel wire armoured cable to connect it to an existing power source on ground level, as burying it is an extra cost); and 6 x internal double plug sockets all seamlessly set-up in your garden room

✓  Connection Ready for your home’s mains supplies of electricity (we supply the 25m long steel wired armoured cable that runs up to a suitable "commando" power point)

And We Also Include...

✓  Travel

✓  Accommodation

✓  Subsistence

Rather than add on the additional costs for travel, subsistence and accommodation for our Design & Build Team, you don't have to pay for all this in addition to the price of your Groovy Garden Room project - as long as you live on mainland Britain. Quite a few of our competitors do add this on. But, we don't! This is because we want to keep your costs down and make your life simpler.

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