Groovy Garden Rooms - Choosing Your Size & Styling

#1. Choose Which Groovy Garden Room Style & Size To Adapt

Heroic Style

Front roof overhang

Let's look again
Happy Style

No roof overhang

Let's look again

#2. Choose Your Exterior Cladding Colour

Anthracite Grey
Merlin Grey
Goosewing Grey
Juniper Green
Olive Green
Moorland Green
Van Dyke Brown

#3. Choose Your uPVC Front Door & Front Glass Panels Style & Colour(s)

As part of our standard specification, on the frontage, you get a uPVC double glazed front door (whether French doors or a sliding door) as well as floor to ceiling double glazed uPVC glass panels to fit to one or either side of your door.

And although the most popular colour choice for their (external & internal) frames is anthracite grey, you may want another colour (like white). Please let us know. 

We recommend that the maximum width of each door section is no more than 75cm. This is because if the doors are any wider you run the risk of putting a greater mechanical strain on the door's function because of the greater weight and width.

Our front door(s) and floor to ceiling glass panels are 2.10 metres in height. And, depending on the width of your garden room, the widths of these glass panels will vary to fit in with the look and feel of your garden room frontage. That said, you may want a different style of front windows. If so, let us know and we'll fit them instead.

Door & Window Styles

French Doors (example)
Sliding Doors (example)
Casement Window (example)
Non-slip vinyl flooring for zero maintenance, portable, premium but affordable, durable, multi-use Groovy Garden Room with a 30 year guarantee that can be used all year round as a garden office, a garden lounge, a garden gym, a garden bedroom and more

#4. Choose Your (Non-Slip) Vinyl Flooring Colour & Style

We use excellent commercial grade (it's softer, thicker and stronger than the stuff you buy over the counter) vinyl flooring that comes in 4m wide rolls. So all you have to do is choose, from the samples below, which colour and style you it fits in with your furniture and planned usage.

Then let us know so we can also put these (and your other) details on your Customer Order Confirmation form.

Pale Oak
Grey Oak
Light Oak
Aged Oak
Reclaimed Oak
Dark Ash

Additional Specification

Although you benefit from a shed load of Standard Specification with your Groovy Garden Room, you can add other useful items to your design.

Whether you want an additional floor to ceiling glass panel, a sedum roof, a wall panel heater or a kitchenette, a shower room or a gravel surround, then click on the button below to see what you can get and what the prices are.