Copy of Groovy Garden Rooms - The 5-Step Process

Step 1

This is a bespoke design & build for you…that you have complete control over. So, to start the process and to help you envisage exactly what your award-winning Groovy Garden Room design will look like (the size, shape & specification)…

You use our 3D Design Tool to build your garden room studio with all the Standard Specification and add any Additional Specification you want to make the most of your project.

In addition, we also recommend that you check if you need planning permission at this stage. Although it's most unlikely that you will, under the Permitted Development rules, if you're still not sure if you do, then it can help to confirm with you Local Planning Authority.

Step 2

Undertaking a Site Survey is a key part of the whole process that you're directly involved discover as much helpful information about the location of your planned garden room.

Not doing this could undermine the integrity of your garden room.

This is a key part of your and our preparation ahead of the installation. And we like to prepare and plan properly!

Affectionate young couple signing contract

Step 3

Once we've both confirmed the previous two steps, Step 3 involves...

Our emailing you a detailed Customer Order Confirmation form (see a sample here) that contains all the specific information about your project. This is linked to and covered by our legally binding Terms and Conditions of Business.

When you're happy with the contents of this agreement, and you've also checked our payment terms, we both sign the COC form securely online and you receive an electronic copy. And once the amount owing has been paid, we start ordering your materials so we can begin making your garden room offsite.

Step 4

To reduce the amount of time we spend at your home, we then put all the constituent parts together offsite and build your Groovy Garden Room in its entirety to ensure it all fits and looks great. This saves us from experiencing any "surprises" when we're on site (i.e. at your designated garden room location).

And, just as importantly, we keep you updated on your project's progress throughout this phase of your project.

So, from putting down your deposit to having your fully-turnkey bespoke garden room studio completed, it takes about 8-10 weeks.

Step 5

Installation time - the moment you and we have been waiting for!

So, we'll need about 8-12 days at your home (about 2-3 days to put in any foundations and the waterproofed floor base and about 6-9 days, depending on the size, shape and specification, to assemble your new Groovy Garden Room) over a 4-6 week or so period.

And you then have your very own zero maintenance, portable, durable, multi-use fully turnkey Groovy Garden Room!