Your Special Trade Show Offer

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Your Special Trade Show Offer is now all yours - but only if you claim it by the deadline (see below)!

To qualify, you need to have put down a deposit for your award-winning Groovy Garden Room by the date stated.

Now, beforehand, we need to do a Site Survey of your chosen location as well as fine-tune all the details, as this is a bespoke and fully turnkey product. This is why we're giving you the time we have (below) to invest in your own zero maintenance, portable & multi-use garden room.

So it's now down to you to get cracking, to give both you and us the necessary time so you can benefit from this offer!

Your Special Offer

Our Trade Show Offer ends in...









Sorry, but this offer has now expired. But do please come to see us at our next trade show so you then have a chance to benefit from any other special offers we have. In the meantime, thanks and take care.