Groovy Garden Rooms - Manufacturing

Our Manufacturing Process

We help you design and then build your bespoke and award-winning Groovy Garden Room to your exact specifications and do so offsite at our manufacturing base in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire (as you can see from the photos below).

This helps us make sure it's exactly as you want and need it to be, so every aspect of the build is stress-tested at our base and not when we're onsite (at yours)!

Then we dismantle and package it all very carefully (it's a modular design) so it's ready to be transported to your chosen garden room location.

This then enables us to take all parts of your Groovy Garden Room through you chosen access point(s) so we can assemble it for you as quickly and efficiently as possible. This also means we spend much less time onsite, thereby causing you as little disruption as possible.