Home outdoor wood store's unique design automatically gives you the best & most seasoned logs to burn EVERY time. Flat-pack product has a lockable & easily removable roof. Sturdy & long-lasting log store protects your wood from rain & has ample air flow.

Firewood Feeder® outdoor log store with lockable & removable roof - "HUNKY" size

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HUNKY size

The world's best and award-winning home outdoor wood store

(see why below for our fully patented invention)

Storage capacity: About 400 mixed sized logs (enough to last you through winter with occasional use in a log burning stove)

Dimensions (when assembled): Height: 185cm. Width: 100cm. Depth: 90cm.

Registered Patent No: GB2600017. Registered Design No: 6107824.

Due to the hair-raising increase in fuel & shipping costs, we've been forced to add a small shipping fee that's a fraction of what it costs us to deliver your Firewood Feeder® to you.

Hence the Special Rate you'll see when you checkout.

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Unique patented design that automatically gives you the best & most seasoned logs to burn - every time (unlike other wood stores)

Lockable roof is easily removable by just one person to put in large bag of logs quickly and easily

Designed so your logs don't get jammed or stuck

Flat packed design easily and quickly assembled by just 1 person (you're emailed step-by-step photo instructions)

Ample air flow from all 4 sides and underneath helps properly season your stored wood

Designed for all round protection of the logs from the rain

Designed to protect your fingers and hands when retrieving logs

Built with FSC pressure-treated wood that's resistant to rot

Sturdy design that lasts you for many, many years

Home outdoor wood store's unique design automatically gives you the best & most seasoned logs to burn EVERY time. Flat-pack product has a lockable & easily removable roof. Sturdy & long-lasting log store protects your wood from rain & has ample air flow.

Why the world's best outdoor home log store?

Our Firewood Feeder® outdoor wood stores are differently designed to every other wood store. Our unique design means you're able to easily and automatically access the most seasoned and therefore the safest logs to burn - every time.

And our log stores also have a removable roof to help you deposit a large load of logs with equal speed and ease in just one go.

This flat packed product can be put together easily and quickly by just one person.

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Dilapidated old shed in wood

Other Log Stores

With other log stores, no matter how well made and how nice looking some of them are, they work on a Last In-First Out principle.

You pile newer logs on top of older existing logs as you get them. And these newer logs tend to be the ones you use because they’re the easiest to get to.

But newer and unseasoned wood burns less effectively, less glowingly and less safely.

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Wood being burned in log burning stove

Our Log Stores

Whereas our Firewood Feeder® log stores work on a First In-First Out basis.

This means that the logs that have been stored the longest – because they were stored first – are the ones you use for a fire.

And more seasoned wood burns more effectively, more glowingly and more safely.

Great - I want yours!

Some Key Benefits

 Unique design that automatically gives you the most seasoned logs to burn - every time.

✓ Easily removable & lockable roof enables you to drop large loads of logs directly into the log store saving you a lot more time than by putting in a large load of logs individually.

✓ Designed so, cunningly, your hands are protected when retrieving the logs...as we don't want you getting your fingers caught!

More Benefits

✓ Comes flat packed in 5 main pieces (along with clear instructions & the necessary screws) that are easy and quick to put together by just one person.

✓ Front sloping, overlapping and easily secured roof protects the wood from the rain.

✓ Ample air flow from all four sides and underneath helps season the wood without letting the rain get in easily and risk dampening the logs...while they're also protected from the weather on all four sides.

And More Benefits

✓ Hand crafted using FSC approved wood.

✓ All pressure treated wood, making it more resistant to rot, mould, fungus, insects and other unhelpful elements of nature.

✓ Corrosion free and weatherproof screws & fittings.

✓ Built for strength & durability to last you many years.

Even More Benefits

✓ Can store hundreds of logs

✓ Very low shipping rates.

✓ Comes with our Guarantee


The design is...perfectly ingenious

I recently ordered one of these. The surprise is that it’s more robust and better made than I expected.

Also the service from order to delivery was very good! The design is...perfectly ingenious.

Alasdair Wolski (Horley, United Kingdom)

Your construction far outperforms the one from Amazon

I have bought two log stores as we have just installed our first log burner and was intrigued to see if the extra cost of yours would be evident compared to a £200 item from Amazon.

Your Firewood Feeder is nice and easy to assemble and very easy to fill with the roof off. As soon as I started to assemble yours I knew I should have bought two. Just the physical size of the heavy duty timber you use in your construction far out performs the one from Amazon. 

The reloading process of the Groovy Timber Firewood Feeder took 15 mins compared to the conventional stacking process in the other store which was about an hour!

So to summarise: well designed and engineered. I’m blown away with the build quality...and I expect it to last for years. The extra cost is 100% worth the outlay and I won’t hesitate to purchase another product from Groovy Timber.

Mike Smith (Crewe, United Kingdom)

My husband was delighted!

I bought this as a surprise for my husband and he loves it! 
It is sturdy and strong and easy to fill, no faffing around making a neat stack, just throw them in!

The BEST thing is that the oldest, driest logs, which are at the bottom of a traditional stack, are easily accessible.

Hilary Massarella (Stoke-on-Trent, England, United Kingdom)

Great Quality, easy to assemble

Really pleased with my purchase... well designed, great quality, and easy to put together even in the snow! Just need to fill it with logs now...

William Blake (Worcester, United Kingdom)

Wood Storage Has Been The WRONG Way Around

Other wood stores - and we think some of them look great! - are designed differently. With theirs you pile your logs on top of each other as you get them.

And yes the logs can look really nice like that!


What do you do when, subsequently, you go to those outdoor log stores to fetch wood to burn on your fire?

You take and then use the wood, the newest logs, from the top of the pile. You're not able to take the oldest and most seasoned logs because, most likely, they’re at the bottom of the pile.

Usability wise…

We believe this is the WRONG way around!


Wood that isn’t seasoned enough not only burns badly, if at all, it also does so inefficiently.

But, even if you already have seasoned wood, you want to make sure it's always protected from the elements. Because what a waste it would be if you bought some wood, seasoned or otherwise, that then got wet because it was stored in an open faced log store!

So, whatever state your wood is in, our Firewood Feeders® protect your wood on all sides, as well as helping it season properly.

And you need this to happen because...

Burning unseasoned and damp wood can have health as well as financial costs for you too.

Your Guarantee

Most importantly, we want you to love our products…because of how they help you store wood in the best way for the best log fires in your home (and even the homes of anyone you might also want to buy them for too). Just saying!

As well as for how they look. Because we want our Firewood Feeder® to improve this aspect your life…where you’re now able to enjoy lovely log fires even more. So, if you’re not happy with the product, then we want to offer you a guarantee.

So if you receive a product that’s damaged or defective before you use it, then please contact us within 7 days informing us of the exact problem and take photos and, if you also wish, a video of the item. You can return it within 28 days and either get a replacement or a refund. Just make sure you give us your order number and return the item in its original packaging. Thank you!

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The Firewood Feeder®

Designed to automatically give you the best and most seasoned logs to burn - every time